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  • The Bentley House | Bids accepted on condos in gated community The sales team at The Bentley House, a newly opened gated enclave with a Sammamish Valley-Vista setting, believes the value of each of the 45 condominiums is priceless. Read More.
  • Hometown hotel makes way for glamorous future The Groves of Varsity and Manor Village on site of Inn on Crowchild. Read More.
  • The Groves of Varsity Residents of Varsity say goodbye to Calgary landmark, The Inn on Crowchild. The Inn has seen its last days and will be torn down for the creation of the new “Groves of Varsity” development. Read More.
  • The Landings at Cougar Ridge Real value in a Statesman home is in what you don’t see. Read More.
  • The Landings at Cougar Ridge Luxury living and unbeatable views on Calgary's magnificent west side. Read More.
  • Inglewood’s Comeback Quays Construction starts on second phase of inner-city project. Read More.
  • Simplify Your Commute For many Calgarians who work in the downtown core, driving to and from work can be quite the hassle.With long lines of cars and irritable drivers at every turn, just getting to work or going home can be a stressful experience. Read More.
  • Follow your conscience to Varsity, Cougar Ridge For more than 30 years, Statesman Group has been helping to create unique and innovative communities in Calgary. Read More.
  • Fresh start at the quays Millrise fire victim know the advantages of non-combustable steel & concrete Read More.
  • Building communities in the heart of the city Riverside Quays, pronounced "keys", Statesman's newest condominium project, offers a pristine river location only minutes from downtown. Read More.
  • Arizona condo project rides the luxury wave Toscana development a sunny mix of carefree ownership, resort flair Read More.
  • Royal Bay Home to Canada’s Only Riverwalk Read More.
  • Cougar Ridge now available for landing The construction trailer has been tagged with a bit of graffiti from sitting on the vacant land for so long, but now signs are in place announcing the newest project by Statesman Corp. Read More.
  • Cooking at the Quays in Inglewood After attending salsa lessons at The Quays, (cooking isn’t his onlypassion,) Bullock decided that he needed some extra help getting a groove on the dance floor. Read More.
  • Gateway to Nature With an attractive location nestled alongside the Bow River and surrounded by scenic bike paths and Pearce Estates Park, Statesman’s Riverside Quays seemed like the perfect location for James and InaWall. Read More.
  • Salsa in the City Living in Inglewood makes the single life, a Cha-Cha Read More.
  • Calgary firm buys Royal Bay property Construction at the massive and long idle Royal Bay site is slated to start this summer. Read More.
  • Royal Bay Housing Development Soon To Be Underway Again A Calgary based company has reached A tentative agreement to purchase The Royal Bay development site in Colwood. Read More.
  • Colwood gravel site sale ´by May,´ mayor says A Calgary-based company is in the final stage of purchasing the Royal Bay gravel site in Colwood, with hopes of starting up a massive seaside development this summer. Read More.
  • Riverside Quays: Time to let your ship come in at Quays [the] appeal to the Riverside Quays in Inglewood is a strong one. It not only comes in at the right price, but it has location and amenities in spades. Read More.
  • Riverside Quays: Right Package. The Calgary real estate and residential construction market is on the road to recovery. Read More.
  • Statesman crafts a fabulous urban village with Riverside Quays. A new urban village offering condo buyers a location that is second to none with great features and amenities is coming to life in the historic community of Inglewood. Read more
  • Riverside Quays. The Riverside Quays is almost like a small town within the city, where close to 700 terrace lofts, garden townhomes and waterside brownstones are designed to meet the lifestyles of young professional couples and singles, mature purchasers where the children have left the nest, and recently singled. Read more
  • Aging in Place. You could say that Garth Mann has a unique view of the world. The former optometrist sees through rose-coloured glasses, continually expanding his vision since his sights turned to condominium development. Read more
  • Condo Builder Set to Expand. As a leading-edge developer of multi-family residences that are new formats, the Statesman Group of Companies is at it again. Read more
  • Seniors Project Honoured by Industry. Created by the Statesman Group of Companies, a one-bedroom show suite in Staywell Manor Village was honoured in the multi-family segment of the [SAM (Sales and Marketing)] awards, which were recently hosted by the Calgary Region Home Builders Association. Read more
  • Bow River Run. With the setting of one of the last lasrge properties close to the Bow River in Inglewood in the southeast inner city, Riverside Quays is meant to be a home with a resort feel. Read more
  • Country Lifestyle Offered Within City. It´s just one of a growing list of success stories in Calgary´s residential construction industry - and it´s a good example of why the sector is steaming hot. Read more
  • Riding the Rails. A proposed multi-family project on the site of the Crowchild Inn could be the flagship for future developments linked to rapid transit, says Statesman Corp. Read more


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